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3 Things You Should Never Skimp on at Your Wedding

In 2022, the average cost of a wedding was around $27,000. If you’re having a little bit of sticker shock, you’re not the only one. With $27,000, you could have a nice down payment on a house or buy a car outright. Do you really want to spend that on a single day of your life?

For most couples, it’s a resounding yes. They remember their wedding as the best day of their life, and if you’re going to spend that $27,000, then you should spend it correctly. Here are 3 things you shouldn’t skimp on at your Charleston, SC wedding.

1. Wedding DJ and emcee

An experienced Charleston, SC wedding DJ and emcee runs the entire reception, and they can ruin the event or make it the highlight of the day. Here’s the difference between the two.

A great wedding DJ

· Discusses the “little” details like itinerary, set-up, etc.

· Understands the couple’s expectations

· Defines expectations

· Arrives on time

· Maintains professionalism

· Will clearly read the crowd

· Knows how to manage song requests (if allowed)

· Is flexible

· Helps the event flow properly

A poor wedding DJ…

· Won’t have a conversation with the couple about their priorities

· Isn’t able to feel the crowd’s mood

· Plays cheesy music

· Won’t understand how to get the crowd out onto the dance floor

· Isn’t able to make adjustments on the go

· Talks too much

· Steals the spotlight

· Won’t mix up the music

· Doesn’t blend the music

· Has too much to drink

A wedding DJ plays a huge role in your event and spending more on a great wedding DJ is well worth it. They’re not just someone who is shuffling through a playlist. They’re in charge of all the music and sound at your event. They act as a pseudo wedding coordinator by communicating with you about how you want the reception to unfold. They help develop a timeline, practice the names of the wedding party, and determine what you like and dislike.

They operate as your sound engineer with heavy audio equipment and sound reinforcement to make sure everything sounds beautiful on the day of. They act as your Master of Ceremonies by announcing toasts, first dances, and everything in between.

Overall, your wedding DJ is one of a few important partners who are vital to the success of your wedding. Don’t think that a friend with a great Spotify playlist can stand in for them!

2. Wedding Photographer

After the day is over, the memories will fade. That’s why you want to invest money in superb photography. If you’re going to spend $27,000 (give or take) in a single day, you might as well spend some money to remember it.

You’ll spend the rest of your life looking back at the pictures taken on your wedding day. How do you want your story to be told? What do you want to remember? Your photographer is the one who will determine this. Here’s what you should consider when selecting someone for your wedding day.

Choose a photographer you get along with

Your wedding photographer will be with you at every step of your wedding day. Many couples try to save money by using a friend or family member who will gift them photography. However, you don’t necessarily want to feel like someone is “doing you a favor.” Being at ease with your photographer but also knowing you can ask for what you want is key to having a good experience.

Understand your wedding photographer’s style before you book them

When you book a wedding photographer, you’re booking them for their existing style. Think of it like walking through an art gallery. When you see a painting, you’re buying a painting for an artist’s work. You’re not going to that artist and asking them to paint something you want in a style they’re unfamiliar with.

Search for a wedding photographer whose work you connect with instantly. Because photography is an art, expecting someone to acclimate to your styles or desires is unrealistic. When you find a photographer you love, you’ll be content with allowing them to do their thing on your wedding day and be excited to get the work back

Check out Photos by Glenna to see if our photographers may be a good fit for the style you’re seeking.

3. Food and drink

Think back to the last wedding you attended as a guest. What do you remember most? If you were bored at a long ceremony or starving during cocktail hour, you’re not alone! These are common sentiments among wedding guests.

Good food and cold drinks are the number one motivator among wedding guests (and timing is also critical when it comes to both). People may show up for the couple, but they stay for a delicious meal, cocktail hour, and yummy treats.

These days, feeding your guests is an expectation if your wedding is over a mealtime. And let’s be honest, when was the last time you attended a wedding that wasn’t? As a couple, make sure you set a tasting with any caterer and evaluate beverage options well in advance of your wedding. This isn’t the time to pick the first vendor who offers you a good deal. Whether you offer a good meal at your wedding will be remembered by your guests!

For a creative beverage option, consider Charleston’s newest mobile bar service called Tap Truck. Tap Truck Charleston has 5 free-flowing taps that can serve your favorite drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). You can select beer, wine, coffee, cocktails, and other non-alcoholic options to serve from the side of the truck. This fun and unique option will be a hit at your wedding among your guests!

Final Thoughts

Planning your dream wedding doesn't have to be a nightmare. Shane Griffin Entertainment is here to help. We're a 5-star rated wedding DJ company in Charleston, SC that knows how to make your big day one to remember. Contact us today to see how we can help make your wedding vision come to life.


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